Design FAQs

Pricing varies on most of these items. To give you an idea, a one page flyer would run $35. A fancier invitation would run $45. A brochure usually runs $85 & up. A rack card would be about $45. Ads are $45 & up. Logos are $45 & up.

Can I See Samples of Your Designs?

YES, in a way. We are happy to e-mail you a copy of a design that you would like to see; however, we do not mail out our marketing pieces for review and we do not post our best designs on our website. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us), these designs have become a hot commodity in the local market, and it seems each time we give in and send someone a sample, our ideas soon show up on the streets. The way we see it, you are paying for something that not everyone has seen or has access to – we think you deserve for it to stay that way.

Do I Have To Provide You With Information For My Brochure?

For a personal brochure, yes. We need you to provide us with the information you want us to incorporate into your brochure. We can give you suggestions regarding what sort of content to include but since a brochure is personal, we really need to know what you are trying to convey to your market and what sort of things you do that sets you aside up from others.